Parent Advisory Council

Parent Advisory Council Members



Amy Gile

Michelle Tang

Lilia Daly

Meghan Burnett

Jennifer King

Tim Maclure

Bob Kallajian

Nicole Bay

Nick Kukla

Diana Lopez

Students in grades 3rd & 8th

Students in grades K, 2nd & 4th

2nd grade student

Students in grades 2nd & 4th

4th grade student


Asst. Principal

STEM Coach/7th grade student

8th Grade Teacher

Family Liaison

Purpose: The council serves as a parent/family cabinet for the school administration. The Parent Advisory Council’s (PAC) main role is to provide guidance to the building administration, specifically representing the perspective of parent/family needs for the school.

Council Membership

Council Membership and Selection Process



Selection/Election Process

Parents or guardians of students at the school


Elected by the parents or guardians of students attending the school. Each household with a student attending the school will have one vote.

Teachers from the school


Elected by peers

Family Liaison


School Principal or Assistant Principal



Voting members have two-year terms, and no member can serve more than two terms on a council. Only parents/guardians in good standing according to the school compact are eligible to participate on the council.

Council Responsibilities

Parent Advisory Councils serve in an advisory capacity and are responsible to assist the school administration in the areas listed below:

  1. Analyze school achievement data and school needs as they relate to the school’s improvement plan;

  2. Review the fiscal objectives of the school’s draft budget and advise the principal before the budget is submitted to the superintendent;

  3. Participate in the hiring process of the school principal by having 1-2 representatives on the interview committee. The representatives will participate in conducting candidate interviews and reporting on them to the district;

  4. Assisting the administration in making programmatic and operational changes to improve the school’s achievement;

  5. Work with school administrators in revising a school compact for parents, legal guardians, and students that outlines the school’s goals and academic focus identifying ways that parents and school personnel can build a partnership to improve student learning;

Limitations on the Responsibilities of the Council

In addition to the Parent Advisory Council’s responsibilities, it is also important to recognize the limits of their advisory function. The duties of these councils do not entail activities including, but not limited to:

  • Managing the school;

  • Supervising staff;

  • Entering into contracts or purchase agreements;

  • Discussing individual issues between teachers and students and/or parents;

  • Determining student eligibility for school admission; or

  • Determining class allocations or student assignments;