Every student, every day, in every classroom is important!   C.H. Barrows' attendance team meets weekly and discusses students individually. Together we come up with great ideas on how we can help each family so our students come to school and enjoy an outstanding day of learning. From customized attendance mailings to home visits, we are here to support families and guardians! 

Attendance Information For Our Barrows Families

Chronic Absenteeism

Day 1 of absence: If parent/ guardian have not called students out, secretary will call the home to inquire about absence.

Day 3 of excuse/unexcused absence: the secretary will mail a letter that explains chronic absenteeism.

Day 5 of excused/unexcused absence: a parent meeting will be arranged by a member of the school’s attendance team.

At 8 excused/unexcused absences: the school Social Worker and/or Family Liaison will conduct a home visit depending on the individual’s situation and communication from parent/guardian.

At 10 days of excused/unexcused absence: a PPT will be conducted.


The secretary will generate a letter to families at 4, 6 or 10 days of unexcused absences.

After 10 unexcused absences, and a PPT has been held *If appropriate, a DCF referral will be made for Educational Neglect.

*DCF Referrals are made when:

  • Parent does not call child out for absences

  • Parent does not send in notes with reason for absences or Dr. notes

  • Parent does not return calls to the school

  • Parent does not attend scheduled attendance meetings

After all other options, any student 10 years old or older will be referred to Central Office to discuss a referral to the Juvenile Review Board (JRB).

Below is an example of what a mailer looks like that you might receive reporting on your child's attendance.

Example letter of your child's absence

If you would like more Information on your child's attendance please feel free to contact:

Cynthia Albert
Attendance Secretary

John Bello
Family Liaison
(860)465-2610 Ex: 4660

Every Student, Every Day in Every Classroom