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Family Liaison

 A link between Home, School and Community
CP Family Liaison
 Cesiah Perez
 Family Liaison
 860-465-2610 Ext 4660
Family Liaisons serve as a link between families and schools. They facilitate family-school-community communication, which empowers families to become more active partners in their children's education.
Who are Family Liaisons?
Family Liaisons are school staff members who work with both parents and staff. They help you get the information and assistance you need to support your child at home and ensure your child's success in school.
Why do Schools have Family Liaisons?
Schools have family liaisons because liaisons know a great deal about your child's school and community. They are a valuable resource for you.
They can connect you with the appropriate people within the school or community who can help you meet your family's needs.
The family liaisons establish and build successful working relationships with the families of children in the school. They appreciate the school's cultural diversity and work to foster unity, cohesiveness and cooperation among all families and staff.
How do Family Liaisons help?
Family Liaisons:
Attend conferences and school meetings with you.
Assist you with completing school forms.
Explain school goals, policies, procedures and programs.
Provide information to you about school and community resources and services.
Encourage and arrange opportunities for open communication between you and school staff.
Encourage parent involvement and leadership in school.
I am here to Help. If you need a contact person in our school for any question you may have (doesn't matter how small) please E-mail me or call me. If I don't know the answer...I will surely FIND IT.
I look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way possible.
-Cesiah Perez